SONOP CLINIC CLOSED: Patients treated outside

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The doors of the Sonop Clinic have been closed and patients are not allowed to go inside, apparently due to the deterioration of the building and no maintenance being done.

Some patients are treated outside and there is a little portable clinic that is used for consultations.

This drastic action has been taken by the ANC councillor of Sonop, with no alternative solution for the patients who are treated under the trees with no privacy for patients.

It has been said that a portable clinic will be sent, but to date nothing has realised.

Worried Sonop resident.

Brits Pos visisted the premises last week and spoke to the ANC Councillor (Ward 40), Othniel Mosielele. What is however questionable and worrying, is that the building has been declared unsafe for patients, but numerous employees are still working inside the building. (Mosielele advised that they were meeting with the Department of Health and that he would give feedback on the situation and the steps to be taken going forward, however Brits Pos contacted him numerous times before going to press, but could not get hold of him for his comments).