Outstanding veterinary service

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The Editor

On 14 February 2019 during a heavy rainstorm, my daughter and I found a feral cat that had been injured by a vehicle in Pienaar Street.

We were unable to pick him up because as we tried to cover him with a towel to take him to a vet, not being a tame cat, he was afraid and crawled into the drain on the side of the road.

We phoned Dr Tinus Boshoff, the Veterinary Surgeon at Brits Dierekliniek, who immediately came out to help. In the pouring rain and busy street, he managed to tranquilize the poor animal using a syringe on a long stick, down in the drain. He then quickly pulled the cat out as he was struggling to hold his head up. Sadly he was too injured to be able to treat, so Dr Boshoff euthanized him straight away to alleviate his suffering.

He was so kind, doing what was needed, coming out before working hours to help even though we were not clients of his.

I am very grateful for people like him who have empathy and really care about animals no matter what their circumstances.

Thank you Dr Boshoff.

Cathy Neate