Only parliament can effect NW name change

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The Editor

The DA welcomes Monday’s statement by premier Supra Mahumapelo that clarifies that the North West name remains unchanged.

We condemn any unilateral attempts to change the province’s name and any attempts of the NW Provincial Government that will undermine the processes in Parliament. The application for the name change to “Moses Kotane” is now in for consideration by the National Assembly and the DA will

not tolerate any attempt by the ANC to pre-empt the correct processes.

This week’s use in some government circles of the name “Bokone Bophirima” (Tswana for North West) cannot be used to score points among people who see that the North West government is failing to deliver. A name change is not a new beginning, but is just a new face fronting the same

government failures.

The general colloquial use of the name “Bokone Bohpirima” is encouraged, as it means North West in Tswana, but to unilaterally change the province’s official name is unconstitutional.

While the North West government maintains rampant corruption, neglects bankrupt municipalities, and protects unqualified cadres, they cannot change names to score political points. This failing government should rather focus its energy and money on service delivery.

We are on record as opposing another name change of the North West to “Moses Kotane” as well. We call upon the people of the province to participate in public engagement on this name change and if they agree that wasting billions on a name change should be opposed, to oppose the

name change.

The ANC in North West must rather use taxpayer money to build houses, eradicate the bucket systems, provide safe running water, better the poor education system and see that clinics are stocked with live saving medication, before wasting millions of rands on vanity name changes.

Joe McGluwa (DA Provincial Communications Manager NW).