Only five exercises you need to stay fit at home  

Written by elsabe. Posted in Sport


BRITS POS – BRITS - In these self-isolating times, replacing a four times a week gym programme with just five exercises is a definite possibility and a great idea.

Created by the Royal Canadian Air Force and dubbed the 5BX programme, it involves five basic exercises, takes just 11 minutes and needs absolutely no equipment. The programme, launched in the 1950s, has also been credited with starting the fitness boom after it sold 25 million copies. Now, as we emerge from our chocolate egg comas, it offers a gentle way to kick start a great fitness routine.

The five exercises boost flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness. You can start at your own easy pace and try to increase the exercises to become progressively harder.

Nicolene Cornelius, Miss Brits Pos 2011, was eager to try out these five exercises.

* Stretching: At the start, this is simply touching your toes. But as you advance, add extra touches to your left and right. The advanced level calls for upright torso circle bends.

* Sit-up: This starts as merely raising your head and shoulders off the floor before progressing into a full blown sit-up. Keep your back straight. And hook your feet under a chair if necessary.

* Back extension: Lay on your front and raise your head and legs off the floor.

* Push-up: Builds arm and shoulder strength. Starts as a simple push-up from the knees. Graduate to a full push-up and then add a forehead touch to the floor for extra difficulty.

* Running in place: This is the high intensity part. Start with just 100 steps in six minutes, before increasing steps. But every 75 steps, add another exercise, such as scissor jumps, knee bends or star jumps.