Lifestyle Issues

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The greatest disturbance to society is a psychological frustrated young person with no ambition, blurred vision and no direction.
What is even worse is when we blame our circumstances for our stagnation, thus resorting to futile social habits. No amount of parties, alcohol, drugs, slandering each other and jealousy will ever solve our problems, whatever they may be. We are our own solutions.
The current era we find ourselves in is one dominated by nothing but trivial pursuits of pleasure that add no value to our self morale. Street corners are no longer conquered by robust progressive discussions but by bottles of liquer and bubbles of smoke. Synergy has become second best to a culture of each for themself.
Our focus has shifted from making something of ourselves to settling for less, due to lack of RESPONSIBILTY and initiative. Most often we lament about the lack of progress in our area and its rigidity, without making effort to grow ourselves and enhance our own progress.
We’ve become complacent with mediocre lifestyles defined by public display of indecency. Consistent with such behaviour we will amount to nothing.
We are all at liberty to relish in our social interests but what is dismal is the utter disgrace with which we carry ourselves.
Nothing will fall into our laps by grace of miracle; it’s no use complaining and pointing fingers. Things are as they are and they might not change but you can change your attitude towards life. What you put into life is what you get out, be good to it then it will treat you fair.
Perhaps if we read more than we slander, spend more time on empowering than drinking, hustle a little harder than cocoon, network extensively than party, shared knowledge broader than we share a smoke, maybe just maybe we would get somewhere.
But until then we are just a meaningless youth whose pride is in fancy bottles, incensed smoke bubbles and berating critique, and so we shall remain.
“Live and Learn. You’re only real when you are who you think you are”


 by Nomendu Fani