Get Creative with Arts & Crafts

Written by Zandre. Posted in Kids at home

Create Leaf Rubbing Collages

Why not incorporate the outdoors into your arts and crafts by making a leaf rubbing collage? 


Paint Rainbows with Bubbles

To create these bubble blower paintings, mix bubbles with food color of choice and then use bubble wands to blow the bubble mixture onto the paper of your choice for creative and beautiful designs that will delight your kids!


Get Messy With Some Splatter Painting

For a cheap, easy, and fun outdoor art project, you cannot go wrong with splatter painting! 


Make Your Own Playdough *

Your children will first get to entertain themselves as they prepare the playdough with this recipe. After making the playdough, they will have a fun craft to play with all afternoon. 


 Build DIY Paper Kites

Making your own DIY kites and taking them out to your favorite sunny spot on a breezy day is the perfect way to spend a day with your kids! 


String Together Macaroni Rainbows *

This is a great opportunity to let your kids explore their artistic side while creating a beautiful decoration they can show off to friends and family! You can learn all about creating these adorable macaroni rainbows here.


Cool Off With Frozen Paint Cubes *

Creating beautiful art with frozen paint cubes is a wonderful way for your children to keep cool while they discover their inner artist! 


Enjoy The Outdoors With Balloon Splatter Painting

To experiment with balloon splatter painting, fill small-sized balloons with brightly-colored (washable) paint and secure them to your canvas with thumbtacks. Then, have your children take a screwdriver and pop the balloons.