Introduce Your Kids to Cooking

Written by Zandre. Posted in Kids at home

Create Fruit Rainbow Pizzas *

These colorful pizzas are both fun for kids to create and delicious to eat! Find full directions, here.


Make Ice Cream in a Bag *

Your kids are going to be amazed by this easy and interactive ice cream in a bag recipe! All you need is a few basic ingredients – no fancy equipment required!


Practice Counting and Spelling with Pretzel Letters *

This baking project is both an educational and delicious way to entertain your children with cooking! For a recipe and tips, check out this post. 


Learn Your Numbers with Cookie Dominoes *

Here is another educational cooking activity that we just can’t get enough of! Your kids will love learning how to count and bake with this fun recipe for cookie dominoes.


Whip Up Some Bread in a Bag *

This activity serves up some pretty awesome bread alongside a lesson in chemistry! Learn how to set up the perfect bread in a bag activity, here. 


 Create One-of-a-Kind Pancake Art *

Start the day off right with this playful pancake idea! Simply whip up some pancake batter, add food coloring, place the mixture into bottles, and get ready for some crazy looking breakfast food! 


Try Your Hand at Bread Painting *

The creator of this recipe describes it as “art you can eat.” What could be better! Check out her recipe for edible paint here. 


Test Out a No-Bake Recipe *

If you don’t trust your kids around a hot stove top, there are plenty of no bake recipes that can introduce them to cooking in a risk-free environment. 


Create Adorable Fruit & Chocolate Lady Bugs *

You and your children are going to have a blast with this cute (and healthy) recipe! The best part is… it only has three ingredients! 


Make Butter in a Jar *

Give your kids a taste of pioneer life by letting them make their very own butter in a jar! In addition to getting a batch of butter, you can use this as an interactive history lesson.