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Letter of the week : Big up to the news Bulletin team

Posted in News bulletin

The editor
I am currently staying in Cape Town and my parents are living in Rustenburg. In the past it used to be so hard to keep up with all the latest news making headlines in and around Rustenburg where my parents stay, but now all that is a thing of the past because of the new initiative by the Rustenburg Herald to implement what they call the News Bulletin with Jabulani Senyatso and Junita Lategan. Every Wednesday after 12 I just tune in to the Rustenburg Herald’s Facebook and Facebook page if I want to know what is happening in Rustenburg. Now it is even more fantastic because they even have a place on the website where they store all their videos for us to view anytime we want to.
I am very impressed by this initiative and I wish the entire team all the best for the future
Very impressed.