Man gets 15 years for murder of girlfriend

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - On 26 March 2019 31-year-old Segametsi Molefe was assaulted by her boyfriend, 31-year-old Thabo Moabi. The victim and her 5-year-old little girl were staying with the suspect at the time of the incident. According to Rustenburg police spokesperson, Capt Elsabé Augoustides, a neighbour saw the suspect kicking and punching the women with his feet and with his fists.

Even the brothers-in-law who were also present at the time, pleaded with the man to stop his brutal attack on her.
The injured woman fled to neighbours, a 76-year-old woman. The suspect followed her and an argument ensued about alleged infidelity. The suspect dragged the victim out of the neighbour’s house and continued to assault her. Relatives again tried to intervene, but to no avail.
Later that evening the woman succumbed to the injuries she sustained.
The younger brother of the suspect, Tumelo Moabi woke him and informed him that the victim had passed away. The suspect then demanded that his brother had to assist him to get petrol in order to burn the deceased’s body. The younger brother refused to assist and the police were called.The suspect refused to assist in the investigation and was sitting on the bed in his house, refusing to indicate where the body of the deceased was kept.
Police then searched the house and found the body of the victim underneath the bed on which he was sitting.
The suspect was arrested, appeared in court and detained.
The child was removed from the house. She was extremely traumatised. She has since been re-united with family members. The investigation was difficult due to the fact that the accused never showed remorse and played different “tactics” to delay the court procedure, for instance insisting on changing his legal representatives all the time.
Due to the suspect’s aggressive nature, members of the public were afraid of him and did not want to submit statements regarding the incident, even neighbours did not want to testify against him.
The mere fact that he also did not even phone for medical attention, is an indication of the level of brutality the deceased had to endure at his hands.
The case dragged on for three years.
During this time he also frequently indicated that he was ill and was hospitalised from time to time.
On 7 March 2022 he was sentenced to an effective imprisonment of 15 years by the Bafokeng Magistrate’s Court. The accused was declared unfit to possess a firearm.
In terms of Section 299(a) of the Criminal Procedure Act the family of the deceased were advised to make representations to the Parole Board or to attend any relevant parole board meetings in future to determine whether or not the accused will receive day parole or be allowed to be granted parole or to give inputs regarding Correctional supervision in future.
The investigating officials are congratulated on a job well done.