No more lockdown!

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RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - "For the past 750 days our country has been in a state of disaster. These steps were necessary, they were effective in slowing down the spread of Covid-19."

This is how President Cyril Ramaphosa started his speech Monday night (4 April).
The President added that a definite downward trend in the severity of Covid-19 infections is now evident.
He then announced that the official state of Disaster will come to an end at midnight tonight - with the exception of a few transitional measures that will remain for the next 30 days.
These include:
* Indoor wearing of masks remain
* Provisions regarding international travellers remain
* Special Disaster grant will remain in place
* Venues may accommodate 50% of capacity - as long as attendees have proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid-19 test not older than 72 hours.
The President then announced that all other regulations in regard of Level 1 will lapse at midnight tonight.
"Fellow South Africans, the end of the state of Disaster is sign of what our country has achieved and endured. It should give all of us the confidence to return to the lives we lived before the pandemic - but taking responsibility for our own safety, and those around us. Vaccination is the only safeguard we have against future serious waves of infections, and a return of a state of Disaster. We need to remain cautious and vigilant. We are hopeful that the worse is behind us and that only better days are ahead," the President concluded.