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Seven distinctions for Divyam

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - Divyam Das - a matric student who lives in Rustenburg and attended St Benedict’s Boys College in Johannesburg not only achieved an average of 88.6% in the IEB exams - he notched up seven distinctions as well. Divyam has his sights set on studying medicine this year.

Glory for South Africa after the 44th Dakar Rally

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - A record number of South African competitors took part in the 2022 Dakar Rally that started on 1 January in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and finished almost 9 000 kilometres and two weeks later on 14 January back in Jeddah. The results proved that the local South African National Cross Country Series (SACCS) does not only provide the perfect platform for international participation, but the race vehicles manufactured in South Africa are on par with the best in the world.