Seven distinctions for Divyam

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - Divyam Das - a matric student who lives in Rustenburg and attended St Benedict’s Boys College in Johannesburg not only achieved an average of 88.6% in the IEB exams - he notched up seven distinctions as well. Divyam has his sights set on studying medicine this year.

As a school - St Benedicts has managed to retain a 100% IEB exam pass rate for the 47th consecutive year with a 97.2% university exemption. An unparalleled triumph – that’s made even more significant by the fact that this achievement was notched up during the Covid-19 pandemic, which presented so many challenges for the education sector. Clearly a school that managed the transition and was agile in its response to the education crisis. Regardless, the students overcame the hurdles and sheer grit and determination got them over the finish line with flying colours. A few other interesting details about the school’s overall performance: The top student has an average of 93% and 8 distinctions, 9 candidates secured 7 distinctions or more, 2 boys obtained an overall Distinction Average of 90% and above, 23 boys obtained overall Distinction Averages of 80% and above, 5 students were ranked in the top 1% nationally, Distinction ratio of just under 2 per boy.