Murder convict receives 15 years imprisonment

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG -On Tuesday (26 March 2019) at about 19:30, 31-year-old Segametsi Molefe was assaulted by her boyfriend, 31-year-old Thabo Moabi who is also from the same Village.

The victim and her 5-year-old girl were staying with the suspect at the time of the incident. A neighbour saw the suspect kicking and punching the lady with his feet and with his fists. Even the brothers-in-law who were also present at the time, pleaded with the man to stop his brutal attack on her.
The injured lady ran away to the neighbours, a 76-year-old lady. The argument started due to accusations about infidelity and sparked off a big argument.
The suspect even went further to go and drag the victim out of the old lady’s house and beat her further. Relatives tried to intervene, but to no avail.
The younger brother of the suspect, Tumelo Moabi went to sleep and at around 24:00 he heard a commotion outside, not realizing that nobody even called for medical assistance for he lady, who had subsequently passed away due to the injuries she sustained.
His brother woke him and informed him that the victim had passed on and demanded that he had to assist him to get petrol in order to burn the deceased’s body.
The younger brother was shocked and dismayed and refused to assist. SAPS were phoned and arrived at the scene.
The suspect refused to assist in the investigation and was sitting on the bed in his house, refusing to indicate where the body of the deceased was kept.
Police members searched the house and found the body of the victim underneath the bed on which he was sitting.
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