Drenching weekend with new records looming

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BONUS - RUSTENBURG - After a drenching weekend of excellent showers most people will probably wonder exactly how much rain has fallen over the weekend.

According to the records of our “weather prophet” - Mr Charlie Graham of Geelhout Gardens nursery, it was a “lot” to put it mildly. A total of 112.8 mm were measured at Geelhout Gardens since last Friday, 8 April, until midnight on Sunday/Monday. The individual figures were 6.4mm on Friday, 5.2mm on Saturday, 73.6mm on Sunday and another 27.6 from midnight Sunday to 08:00 on Monday morning.
It is interesting to note that for the month of April, 165mm were the most that Rustenburg has had since 2003. In April this year however, Rustenburg has had a total of 153.3mm with chances very promising that we will exceed the previous record with more than half of April remaining - remember the umbrellas folks! Meanwhile rain has been forecast until well into May by the South African Weather Service.