Flakka? No sign of drug say Hawks

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BONUS – RUSTENBURG – If reports in various national media publications are to be believed, the dangerous drug known as “Flakka” the world round might not be causing all the havoc in parts of South Africa as our readers may have heard on social media. 

This according to reports that quote the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation or Hawks as claiming that news regarding the arrival of the drug in South Africa can easily be classified as “fake”.

The reports go on to claim that the Hawks have allegedly refuted claims saying the drug has “hit” KwaZulu-Natal. The Hawks have allegedly found no evidence to suggest this is the case.

Reports claim that the drug, also known as “bath salts”, has been the topic of many posts on social media in which claims were made that the drug was being given to children.

It would appear, if these reports are to be believed, that the drug has indeed not made its way into South Africa.