Facts about your SASSA card

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BONUS – RUSTENBURG – The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has warned social grants beneficiaries not to fall into a trap of scammers and fraudsters spreading false information and fake news.

While at the same vein defrauding their monies as most illegitimate money lenders and pretending to be working with SASSA or in disguise as SASSA officials.

SASSA current payment card is valid until end of the year which is 31 December 2018. Therefore beneficiaries must report to the police any person impersonating to be a SASSA official and demanding social grants payment cards, pin-codes and ID’s.

When a beneficiary give consent to the money lenders by signing a contract it is no longer regarded as a fraud but an agreement between the lender and the beneficiary and this leaves Sassa with no power to protect the beneficiary from illegal deductions.

SASSA does not offer loans, airtime or electricity transactions.

All SASSA services are free and rendered at designated and known offices. The green colour card is not a SASSA social payment card and remains unknown as to how it functions. The only valid method of payment for social grants is a SASSA branded payment card obtained only in SASSA offices.