Impala Platinum making a difference: Infrastructure development improves communities

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Last month in the Rustenburg Herald we introduced Impala Rustenburg to our readers. This month, we go a little bit deeper into what the mine does for community infrastructure in terms of its Social and Labour Plan (SLP).

An SLP is a plan that supports the government’s Integrated Delivery Plan (IDP) and outlines the mine’s commitment to assist in improving infrastructure delivery and enterprise development, among other initiatives, which are designed to stimulate local economic development and growth.
Using the Rustenburg Local Municipality’s IDP as a point of departure, Impala identified projects for its mine communities together with the leadership of the community as nominated by the Rustenburg Local Municipality and Royal Bafokeng Nation. Impala Rustenburg engaged with community representatives in the Mine Community Leadership Engagement Forum (MCLEF) to ensure these projects met the needs of the communities and to find out if additional projects could be included. Once all community stakeholders were in agreement, the mine started a series of infrastructure development projects, many of which are now of great benefit to many in our communities. Proper roads and stormwater channels aren’t always the first things that come to mind when talking about community infrastructure, but they are critically important. Bad roads and a lack of proper stormwater channels cause big problems in communities during the rainy season.
Flooded and muddy roads disturb easy access to public transport, adding to the transport challenges community members face. Badly managed stormwater is also a risk to children. Proper road infrastructure and storm water management raises the standard of living in communities and helps protect their properties. In the communities of Luka, Kanana, Freedom Park and the Boitekong township we have really been able to show how Impala Platinum makes a difference. In Luka and Kanana, Impala Rustenburg embarked on the design and then the physical construction of 4.3 kilometres of roads and stormwater drains. The two projects together created more than 130 temporary jobs and on completion the facilities were handed over to the Royal Bafokeng Administration.
In Freedom Park, Impala Rustenburg is currently designing and will build about 1.5 kilometres of roads, providing meaningful upliftment to the Freedom Park community, which is very close to Impala’s operations. The project is estimated to create roughly 30 temporary jobs. In the Boitekong township, the dam next to the Rustenburg Prison and Impala’s Sunrise View Home Ownership development was damaged many years ago and never rebuilt, which posed a threat to the Sunrise View homeowners. As part of Impala Rustenburg’s social responsibility programme the mine built an access road, with some 30 temporary jobs created over the life of this big and vital project. The remedial works to the earth beam in the flood line is in progress and being constructed in partnership with the Rustenburg Local Municipality. Together with the schools, sports and recreation facilities we have built and upgraded, about which we will share information in upcoming editions of the Rustenburg Herald, these projects created over 500 temporary jobs for community members and have improved the living conditions in several communities. This speaks to Impala Rustenburg’s philosophy of “shared growth” – if the mine can prosper the community prospers too. Look out for further updates in our “Impala Platinum making a difference” series in forthcoming Rustenburg Herald publications and remember to tune in to Radio Mafisa FM 93.4 on Fridays during drive-time at 6:10pm.