Death Personified - Couch potato by Danie Jacobs

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Couch potato

Friday September 17: A snowplow driver seeks revenge after the killing of his son in Cold Pursuit. M-Net Movies 3 on DStv, 23:25.

Saturday September 18: A married father of three tries to maintain his manliness in Last man standing. M-Net, 18:30.

Sunday September 19: Hide and Seek is a horror flick about a little girl and her imaginary friend who helps her deal with her mother’s death. etv, 23:10.

Monday September 20: Top comedy show Hacks is up for 15 Emmy Awards. Catch the award show live in the morning with a repeat in primetime. M-Net, 21:30.

Tuesday September 21: Ewan McGregor is a guest on The Graham Norton Show. BBC Brit on DStv, 20:00.

Wednesday September 22: Follow the crew of a German icebreaker as they spent a year in the North Pole in Arctic Drift: A year in the ice. BBC Earth on DStv, 19:00.

Thursday September 23: The Bridge, a new British reality series, has contestants building a bridge to an island where the winner’s cash is hidden. M-Net, 19:30.

Friday September 24: Ava goes on a wild Las Vegas night in Hacks. M-Net, 22:30.

Saturday September 25: Pearl Harbour is a film about love, war and friendship after the bombing of the US naval base. SABC3, 21:30.

Sunday September 26: Tenet is a film about espionage set in something beyond real time. M-Net, 20:05.

Couch Potato with Danie Jacobs - Get ready for Loli

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Get ready for Loli

Loli’s Luck (A suerte de Loli) will premiere on Telemundo Africa (DStv Channel 118) on Monday September 13 at 22:00. 

Loli’s Luck tells the story of Loli Aguilar, a single and successful executive producer at Global Radio Group, the top broadcast network on the US West Coast. As Loli’s career continues to rise, her love life takes the back seat while she enjoys her freedom and a commitment-free life. She’s a woman who has never found true love and has made the decision to never have children of her own.

However, her life turns upside down when her best friend Mariana suddenly passes away leaving everything to Loli, including her two children.
The news takes everyone by surprise, especially Loli, who feels she is the least qualified person to raise her best friend’s kids. Loli will have to face her new reality and learn, through the struggles, that the most important thing isn’t her career as she discovers that the true meaning of life’s success is family and love.

Couch potato by Danie Jacobs

Friday September 10: The Taste Master SA kicks off. One of the most competitive cooking shows exposes talent to the world. SABC2, 18:59.

Saturday September 11: Live coverage of the memorial events in NY, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon during 9/11 20 Years Later. CNN, 14:00.

Sunday September 12: In Face/Off, an FBI agent undergoes facial transplant surgery to find a killer. SABC2, 19:30.

Monday September 13: Fashion’s biggest night takes place with the 2021 Met Gala. E! on DStv, 23:00.

Couch potato by Danie Jacobs - watch this...

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Top comedy to watch

New M-Net sitcom Hacks has 15 Emmy nominations under its belt.

Starring Jean Smart of Designing Women fame, it is a biting, hilarious and insightful comedy laced with genuine pathos, fuelled by its smart writing about generational warfare and compassion between two women who thought they had nothing in common.

Hacks is one of the strongest debuts of 2021, and it’s already been renewed for a second season.

Smart plays Deborah Vance, a legendary comic with a Las Vegas residency and lucrative merchandise deals. The owner of the Vegas hotel is threatening to cut her nights, in favour of younger acts who can attract a different audience. Deborah isn’t relevant enough.

At the same time, Ava is a 25-year-old out-of-work comedy writer who’s been cast out of her industry for an insensitive tweet, putting an end to her career barely before she’s started.

She reluctantly agrees to a meeting with Deborah, set up by their mutual agent without Deborah’s knowledge. Will they get along?

Couch potato by Danie Jacobs - this weekend

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New Season: In Treatment

Viewers can gather for their weekly therapy session in In Treatment. The new season, with a new host, kicks off on M-Net at 21:30 on Friday August 6.

This season, Emmy winner Uzo Aduba plays the role of a therapist Dr Brooke Taylor in present-day Los Angeles as she helps her patients navigate a variety of modern concerns.

Issues such as the global pandemic and recent major social and cultural shifts are a backdrop to the work Brooke undertakes, all while dealing with the complications of her own personal life.

Couch potato: by Danie Jacobs

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New Season: Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is a brilliant teenaged detective whose sense of self comes from solving mysteries in her hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine - until her mother’s untimely death derails Nancy’s college plans.
This detective series starts on M-Net at 20:30 on Saturday July 31.

Devastated by her mother’s passing, Nancy swears off crime-solving while crossing off the days until she can re-apply to college. But when a socialite is murdered, Nancy finds herself a prime suspect in the crime, along with a group of other teens present at the scene: Nancy’s nemesis from high school, George Fan; a rich girl with a mysterious past, Bess Marvin; Nancy’s secret boyfriend, Ned “Nick” Nickerson, and amiable burnout Ace.

The five of them must team up to clear their own names - encountering emotional entanglements and even more mysteries along the way. Nancy’s reawakening brings her into conflict with her widowed father, Carson Drew.
And, when a supernatural presence begins to haunt Nancy’s investigation, she discovers that the current crime has an astonishing connection to the unsolved murder of a local girl.

Whether the ghost is here to help or hinder Nancy remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: Nancy’s going to have to unravel the clues from both the living and the dead to solve the crimes.

On the box

Friday July 23: It’s time for the world’s biggest spectacle! Tune into the opening of the Olympic Games for stadium theatre, without any spectators. Chad le Clos will carry the SA flag. Supersport/SABC3, 13:00.

Saturday July 24: Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark in Iron Man 3. etv, 20:00.

Sunday July 25: New SA crime series Reyka pictures a criminal profiler investigating a string of murders. M-Net, 20:00.

Monday July 26: Unusual British crime series Father Brown shows an attack on a guide during the opening of Pryde Castle. BBC Brit on DStv, 21:00.

Tuesday July 27: The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency investigates the case of a missing husband. SABC2, 21:30.

Wednesday July 28: Twelve amateur bakers gather for The Great Kenyan Bake Off. BBC Lifestyle on DStv, 20:00.

Thursday July 29: Vance seeks a clue that may unlock the mystery of Flight 828 in Manifest. M-Net, 20:40.

Friday July 30: Bernard and Huey is a comedy about two old friends who reunite after 25 years and the women who complicate their lives. M-Net Movies 1 on DStv, 20:00.

Saturday July 31: Zoey returns to find everything different in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. M-Net, 19:30.

Sunday August 1: A home-schooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her in the movie Run. M-Net, 21:05.


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