Couch potato by Danie Jacobs - A "move" to NY for Downton Abbey

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Downton Abbey ‘moves’ to NY

Get ready for NY in 1882… M-Net has bagged the new period drama by Julian Fellowes, producer of Downton Abbey. The series will start at 20:50 on Tuesday January 25. It will start in the US on the same day.

The American Gilded Age was a period of immense economic change, of great conflict between the old ways and brand new systems, and of huge fortunes made and lost. Against the backdrop of this transformation, The Gilded Age begins in 1882 with young Marian Brook (Louisa Jacobson) moving from rural Pennsylvania to New York City after the death of her father to live with her thoroughly old money aunts Agnes van Rhijn (Christine Baranski) and Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon).

Accompanied by Peggy Scott (Denée Benton), an aspiring writer seeking a fresh start, Marian inadvertently becomes enmeshed in a social war between one of her aunts, a scion of the old money set, and her stupendously rich neighbors, a ruthless railroad tycoon and his ambitious wife, George (Morgan Spector) and Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon).

Exposed to a world on the brink of the modern age, will Marian follow the established rules of society, or forge her own path?

Couch Potato by Danie Jacobs

Friday January 21: Ramy, son of immigrant Muslims in America, has to navigate life torn between faith, his community and new age ideals. SABC3, 21:00.

Saturday January 22: A Star is Born is the remake starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It shows a star helping a young protégé while alcoholism destroys his life. SABC3, 19:30.

Sunday January 23: Strangers you Know features the death of Anene Booysen. M-Net, 20:30.

Monday January 24: Miranda has to make a life-changing decision in And just like that…. The episode is called “Bewitched, bothered and bewildered”. M-Net, 20:35.

Tuesday January 25: Driveways shows a lonesome boy and a retiree becoming friends. SABC3, 23:00.

Wednesday January 26: James Bond has to save MI6 in Skyfall. Javier Bardem is the villain. M-Net Movies 3 on DStv, 21:50.

Thursday January 27: British series Honour shows the murder of Banaz Mahmod, who was murdered for falling in love with the wrong man. M-Net, 22:30.

Friday January 28: It’s Halloween on Ghosts and no, the ghosts don’t celebrate it. M-Net, 22:35.

Friday January 29: Man v Food shows Adam Richman visiting pig out spots in America and eating insane servings of food. Discovery on DStv, 19:05.

Friday January 30: Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman can be seen in The Father, one of the year’s best and most disturbing films. He can be seen as man fading away due to Alzheimer’s. M-Net, 21:05.

Couch Potato by Danie Jacobs - with a culture clash

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Culture clash

New M-Net sitcom United States of Al can be seen on Fridays with a repeat on Saturdays. The series stars Adhir Kalyan and Parker Young in a comedy about the friendship between Riley, a Marine combat veteran struggling to readjust to civilian life in Ohio, and Awalmir, the interpreter who served with his unit in Afghanistan and who has just arrived to start a new life in America.

Couch Potato by Danie Jacobs

Friday January 14: Yellowjackets shows soccer players who must survive after a plane crash in Canada. M-Net, 21:30.

Saturday January 15: Follow the lives of small town vets in 1950s Scotland in All creatures great and small. BBC Brit on DStv, 20:00.

Sunday January 16: Frogger is a game show based on the Konami arcade game. SABC2, 18:30.

Monday January 17: Follow Sharon and Ozzy in The Osbournes want to believe. This week, they investigate the existence of mermaids. Travel on DStv, 21:10.

Tuesday January 18: The lives of 16 Kiwi families are thrown in a tumble in Wife Swap NZ. SABC3, 22:00.

Wednesday January 19: Wolfpack shows the 6 Angulo brothers who spent their entire lives locked up in an apartment in New York. SABC3, 21:00.

Thursday January 20: Lie with me follows a British couple who move to Australia after infidelity threatened their marriage. M-Net, 21:30.

Friday January 21: Top sitcom Ghosts shows a couple who move into a house, only to discover that the “previous residents” are still staying there. M-Net, 22:35.

Friday January 22: Fanie Fourie’s Lobola shows an Afrikaans man and a Zulu girl who must navigate their cultural differences before getting married. KykNet on DStv, 20:00.

Teater op die TV

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Klerksdorp Rekord, Klerksdorp – Teaterliefhebbers kry ‘n groot Kersgekenk.

Vier van die KKNK se vlagskip dramas is in Desember en Januarie op VIA, DStv-kanaal 147, te sien. Hierdie vier teaterstukke wat onlangs op film vasgevang is, sluit drie Suid-Afrikaanse werke en ’n vertaalde Vlaamse teks in: Rachelle Greeff se ikoniese Die Naaimasjien, Philip Rademeyer se Opdrifsel, Tom Lanoye se Koningin Lear (vertaal deur Antjie Krog) en Reza de Wet se Asem (vertaal deur Marthinus Basson). 

Couch potato by Danie Jacobs - Devilsdorp on M-Net

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Devilsdorp on M-Net

The year’s biggest hit on Showmax will be screened on M-Net from January 6.

What is Devilsdorp about? In 2016, a spate of brutal Appointment Murders gripped the town of Krugersdorp, leaving salespeople and consultants terrified to book meetings in case they were the serial killer’s next victims. The investigation led detectives to a series of unsolved cold cases, the so-called Satanic Murders, and to links between 11 Krugersdorp killings between 2012 and 2016. They discovered these were the work of the Electus per Deus (Chosen by God) cult.

“The result of an 18-month research process, Devilsdorp shows again that truth is stranger than fiction, especially in South Africa,” says director David Enright. “This is the story of the events that rocked an entire community and forever changed the lives of those involved, especially the families of the victims. What started as a group of devout Christians trying to help a former satanist escape the satanic church ended in a murderous spree involving a killer mom, her two children, and a cult with more victims than members. It may all sound too far-fetched to be believed, except it really happened - just down the road from us.”

Alongside extraordinary footage of exorcisms, church meetings, and trial testimonies and judgments, Devilsdorp features first-hand accounts from the likes of Captain Ben Booysen, the senior investigating officer; deputy director of Public Prosecutions Gerrit Roberts; Discovery claims specialist Shane Chatzkelowitz; and journalist Marizka Coetzer.

The family of the victims also share their stories, as do church members who knew the perpetrators. Netwerk24 journalist Jana Marx, author of The Krugersdorp Cult Killings: Inside Cecilia’s Steyn’s Reign of Terror, narrates the series, which is produced by IdeaCandy.

Couch potato by Danie Jacobs

Friday December 17: Get ready for three hours of the biggest girl group in history in Girl Powered: The Spice Girls Story. M-Net, 19:30.

Saturday December 18: Afrikaans film Wesens is a one-of-a-kind arthouse sci-fi mystery. Kyknet, 20:05.

Sunday December 19: Wrath of Man is an action film set at a cash truck. M-Net, 20:30.

Monday December 20: Killing Patient Zero is the story of the Aids epidemic and the man accused of starting it. M-Net, 22:30.

Tuesday December 21: Transplant is a top Canadian medical drama with a Syrian doctor who leaves behind his war-torn country. SABC3, 21:00.

Wednesday December 22: Jiro dreams of sushi is a Japanese documentary about the 85 year-old sushi master, Jiro Ono. Japanese with English subtitles. SABC3, 21:00.

Thursday December 23: A jingle writer has to write a song for the Christmas Eve concert in Jingle Belle. SABC2, 19:00.

Friday December 24: The classic opera Carmen is given an African makeover in the award-winning U-Carmen eKhayelitsha. Mzanzi Bioskop on DStv, 20:01.

Friday December 25: Explore the history of the famous Gibb brothers in The Bee Gees: How can you mend a broken heart. M-Net, 19:30.






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