Top prize for local butchery

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Klerksdorp Record, Klerksdorp - Vision Meat has just been announced one of the country’s best butcheries.

Vision Meat won a platinum Cleaver award in the category for four tills or more thereby winning in North West. The annual Cleaver Awards recognise the best butcheries based on quality, service, hygiene and value for money. It is an initiative of the Red Meat Industry Forum.

“The butcheries are at the end of the value chain. They are the representation of our product to our consumers, their customers,” Olivier says, and explains that this year these sought-after awards were run slightly differently. Butcheries were asked to register upfront, resulting in approximately 600 butcheries signing up.

Their customers were then given the opportunity to vote for them. All butcheries that received over 100 votes were then anonymously visited by SAMIC, the South African Meat Industry Company, tasked with ensuring the quality and safety of meat in South Africa.

All butcheries were audited against an extensive 212-point checklist and for the first time in the history of the Cleaver Awards, all participating butcheries will have the opportunity to view their score sheets, to see where they may have fallen short. “This will then give them the opportunity to better themselves, and better their butcheries, ahead of the Cleaver Awards next year,” Olivier says.

Year-on-year, the top butcheries all seem to have 3 attributes in common: they are customer-centric, they invest in the training and upliftment of their staff, and above all else, they are passionate about what they do, particularly when it comes to quality, service, hygiene and value for money for their customers.

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