Burglar almost bleeds to death

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Klerksdorp Record, Klerksdorp - A burglar who karate kicked his way through a shop window in Buffelsdoorn Avenue early on Wednesday morning (June 29) injured himself to such an extent he couldn’t steal anything.

Speaking to Marga van Deventer, manager of Body Blueprint Nutrition, the scene awaiting them at the supplement store was grisly. “’There was blood spattered everywhere. It looks like he lost a huge amount of blood,’’ she said. She rushed to the store just at 05:00 when they received an alarm from Action Force Security of the breach in security. “It is the second time in three months that a burglar broke the glass door to get entry. Last time it was kicked out and the thief got away with some small change. This time it seems the burglar was trying to steal the printer, but he was bleeding too much and decided to run for it,’’ she told Klerksdorp Record.

According to her, the security company picked the bleeding man up in the street behind the store. “He was passed out next to the road when they found him. He was taken to hospital. I don’t know if he is going to make it, because he lost a lot of blood,’’ she said.

They will proceed with cleaning the store after a visit by the police’s forensic team. To look at a video of the incident, go to Klerksdorp Record’s Facebook page.

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