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  • Miners die in rock fall

    Miners die in rock fall

    Klerksdorp Record, Orkney - Four families are left grieving the death of their fathers, uncles and brothers who died at Tau Lekoa near Orkney. The call came on Friday 6 December that five mineworkers were trapped following a rockfall after a seismic event. Four died but one was lucky enough to be rescued immediately.

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  • Load shedding headaches

    Load shedding headaches

    Klerksdorp Record, Klerksdorp - Fears of a total electricity shutdown became a reality when Eskom announced an unprecedented stage 6 load shedding this week. The shortage in capacity was caused by problems at the Medupi Power Station, adding to the nationwide problem in generating electricity. Wet coal and technical problems at other coal-burning plants have also contributed to the crisis.

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  • N12 gesluit na botsing

    N12 gesluit na botsing

    Klerksdorp Rekord, Klerksdorp - ‘n Botsing die afgelope naweek op die N12 buite Stilfontein het die verkeer laat ophoop. Twee luukse motors is onher-stelbaar beskadig en twee perde het gevrek in ‘n botsing die afgelope naweek.

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