The spiral of silence

Posted in Editor's note

Matlosana Traffic has to bear the brunt of a lot of disgruntled residents these past weeks, complaining about poor service delivery and zero visibility on the city’s streets.

Truth is that the traffic officers are just as fed-up with the powers that be because they have to make do with the bare necessities while facing the wrath of the public.

The decision makers are safely in their offices, out of the public eye, with their promises of “things are going to get better’’.

Shockingly, the traffic department does not have enough roadworthy vehicles to patrol the city.

That is why traffic officers are often seen to be travelling together in Matlosana safety vehicles.

That is why there is so little policing on drunk driving, skipping stop signs etc.

One traffic official, under condition of anonymity, says they work under tough conditions with shabby uniforms and almost no equipment to do their jobs.

“There is no money for our department, they expect us to bring cash in, but nothing gets ploughed back into our department.

“And all the negative criticism in the newspaper only lowers our moral further; it is also hard on our families.’’

The sad fact is that so many municipal departments are running on empty... the fire department also suffers with no equipment or vehicles.

Where are we heading?