Historic moment for Matlosana

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Tonie Meiring, via email - 18 December 2020 will go down in the history of Matlosana Local Municipality as a day to remember because the fleecers of the cash recources, practitioners of corruption, misrepresentation and nepotism have finally met their match in the Hawks, Special Investigations Unit and a Magistrate in the Law Courts.

Now it is up to the National Prosecuting Authority and Asset Forfeiture Section to ensure that those who used the municipality as their own self-enrichment spaza shop lose their freedom for years and come out to nothing but memories of their vulgar deeds of deceit.

If this kind of operation was done when IRASA first raised its concerns to the then Troika in July 2012 and submitted documentary proof of what went on in especially the Finance, Public Safety and Electrical Sections the municipality would not have been in the precarious financial position it is now.

It is interesting to note that those who sat in council at that time, has done nothing but wait for their monthly emolument now has so much to crow about.

Be assured that before the next municipal elections they will be reminded of their neglect of the interests of the rates and services paying public when they again storm into the streets to impress the public with unattainable promises and blatant lies.