Yet another helping hand

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Victor Delport, via email - I refer to the article ‘Business chambers extend helping hand to city’ in Klerksdorp Record of 11 December 2020.

Articles on this topic have become a regular feature in our local newspaper each and every time there is an Eskom scare to switch off electricity since 2014. In a letter “Extend a helping hand” by Heinrich Raath in Klerksdorp Record 7 February 2020 he mentioned that: “even the CEO of Anglo Gold Ashanti offered a group of six qualified and experienced chartered accounts at no cost to the municipality to assist and find the reasons for the then bankrupt state of our municipality. This offer was refused with a lot of excuses.”

From 2014 to date: The fish always stinks from the head downwards as outstanding debt more than tripled, the same with unpaid creditors Eskom and Midvaal Water Company and the new kid on the block, North West Provincial Administration regarding motor fees, spiraling to in excess of a billion rand. With sky high electricity and water distribution losses that can be adapted in the Guinness book of records, not to mention the extremely poor condition of roads and sidewalks, electricity-, sewerage- and water- networks as well as financial state, is to talk the hind leg off a donkey.

The proverb: action speak louder than words, could not be more applicable to the Matlosana local municipality. Start with a workable debt collecting procedure.

“Customer care, credit control & debt collection policy” on paper simply does not bear fruit. As the approval of annual budget in respect of 2021/2022 financial year is less than six months away, the following needs urgent and immediate attention, to restore Matlosana local municipality to its erstwhile glory days during the KOSH era.

The acting executive mayor and mayoral committee should stop talking about a helping hand and start acting.

Accept help for the municipal manager, (accounting officer) chief financial officer and directors of departments. (The million rand plus salary earners anually) costing but failing to contribute to the executive mayoral budget committee.

Accept help for budget office and senior managers by incorporating persons, who are not councillors to advise council on budget and financial matters (section 17(4) of MSA as amended).

To all residents do not litter, but pay your accounts to glitter. Some councillors and personnel especially can lead by example. Matlosana might even be entered in the future as the town of the year. Some current councillors have failed taxpayers dismally. Keep this, in mind when going to the polls in this year’s elections to save our city from further and ultimately total destruction.

Woorde wek, maar voorbeelde trek.