What’s in store for Matlosana in 2021?

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Tonie Meiring, via email - After a long absence from the municipal scene one had the hope that reality will prevail and that the negative effects of Covid 19 will get people to realise that life cannot go on as usual.

Nothing changed, especially in the municipal environment where despite the actions by the Hawks and SIU, persons with intimate knowledge of the inner workings cry for help to stop theft and mismanagement.

On top of that it is the beginning of the budgeting processes for the 2021/2022 financial year and the real effect of the past nine month’s devastation of the economy, especially on the small and medium business sectors and the general public made no impression on the management of the municipality. It is business as usual.

Employees saunters into office at odd times because no disciplinary steps are taken because there is a workers union and a dysfunctional Human Resources Section to protect them if confronted in any way.

Again the public will be coerced to assist in the budgetary process by submitting suggestions only to find out after the budget has been bulldozed through that their participation was a waste of time despite laws demanding it. Grandiose and impressive developments, like the now forgotten developments on the N12, west of Stilfontein, will be reincarnated because there is an upcoming municipal election that must be won to ensure that those involved in the fleecing of the municipal cash resources are back in the driver’s seat to continue their repulsive actions.

What is difficult to understand is that the past quarter century the public has not realised that politics is the cancer that destroys every positive fibre in society but they continue to believe unattainable promises.

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