My UIF status remains unchanged

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Erik Scholtz, Facebook - I have completed all the UIF forms and have made numerous queries on the status of it, but from September my UIF claim application stays on the being assessed status.

My last TERS I received was April 2020. Thereafter I have not received any UIF and by now all my accounts are being handed over and I’m struggling to survive.

In my desperation for assistance to have my application processed from assessed to payout, I have called and/or emailed the Labour department; DA- ministers and the chiefs; AfriForum; Solidariteit but all that I have received is each passing me to speak to another person. Thus far not anyone of the people I have contacted have provided me with a valid reference who could give me an update on what the reason is for my UIF application not progressing.

I have been patient, and I have tried every avenue to get assistance. Not sure who to ask anymore.

I have followed every process as set out by UIF and yet no one at UIF who answers the phone, is able to give a response to emails, the UIF system just never changes my claim’s status from assessed thus I wonder if anyone has looked at the UIF application during these eight months.