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Klerksdorp Record, web - Did you know that June is World Avocado Month? It is time to take your avocado obsession on a culinary adventure.

With such an interesting shape, combined with its unmatched flavour, the avocado tantalises any taste bud. The avocado is also called an Alligator Pear because of its pear-like shape and green skin.

Meals like salads, sandwiches, burgers and pizza should never be served without fresh, creamy avocado. But there are many other types of avocado dishes that need your consideration.

No other fruit can be as versatile as an avocado when it comes to snacks and meals – morning, noon and night. Mashed, diced, slices or puréed, avocados are always a delight. It just make other ingredients taste so much better. 

The South African avocado season is currently in full swing with dark-skinned and green-skinned avocados on supermarket shelves everywhere. So load your trolley and allow your inner chef to try something new.

Ever tried avo mayo or avo-nnaise? Just purée avo with a drop of oil and some lemon juice - it’s a delicious and healthier substitute when making potato salad and chicken mayo.

Or consider adding mashed avocado to a sweet chocolate purée instead of cream. Combined with maple syrup, real cocoa powder, coconut and a host of other alternatives, avocado adds the creamy quality needed for the most flavoursome dips and chocolate sauces. The avocado is made up predominantly of the ‘good’ monounsaturated fat which is an essential part of a healthy diet. It also has the highest concentration of dietary fibre of any commonly eaten fruit. 

Try this recipe for delicious avocado and blueberry muffins: 

It is easy to test an avocado for ripeness: they should yield to gentle pressure at the stalk end but should not feel squashy when cupped in your hands. 

Avocado’s mild flavour and texture make it an obvious choice to enhance everything from cheesecake to banana bread. Consider mixing your avocado with unusual ingredients. You can even whip it into your favourite cocktail blend. 

It will even transform your regular winter recipes: mix it into soups at the end of cooking to thicken and add creaminess and smoothness. Or make your ordinary curry extraordinary by adding cubes of avocado with onion and tomato. Your taste buds will thank you. But never boil or overcook avocados. Keep cooking as brief as possible to preserve their unique flavour. 

Avocados goes extremely well with curry fish, or even a herb fruit chutney served with bobotie. 

The avocado is an inspiration to any meal, so don’t think twice to add it to any meal. You may just surprise yourself.


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