Farfalle de fruit de mer (Bowtie pasta and fruits of the sea)

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by Martyn Hill

Serves 4
• 800g Shelled and veined 26/30 prawns
• 1 pkt Fresh Mussels
• 1 Medium Onion Chopped
• 6 Large Basil Leaves Chopped
• 100g Bacon Cubed
• 1 tin Braai Relish (420g)
• 2tsp Chopped Garlic
• 1tsp Sugar
• 1 50g Tomato Paste Sachet
• Salt, ground Black Pepper and Fish Spice to taste
• 250g Farfalle Pasta cooked “al Dente” (to a point)
• 1 knob butter melted in 1 tablespoon olive oil
• Cook Pasta till just cooked in salted boiling water.
• Melt butter and olive oil in a pot or large pan.
• Add onion and bacon and cook till onions translucent.
• Add garlic and tomato relish as well as the teaspoon of sugar.
• Add in the tomato paste as the other comes to the boil and stir in well with the chopped basil.
• Add the prawns and cook till just pink.
• Add mussels just to warm through as they are already par-cooked when you buy them.
• Add seasoning to taste and the pasta that has been drained but not rinsed off.
• Serve in bowls and garnish with Parmisan Cheese and fresh Basil.