Still no answers on mayor’s role in car enquiry

Written by Lentswe. Posted in Community

Lentswe, Klerksdorp - The DA in Matlosana is concerned that the ANC is dragging its feet into the investigation of the accident in which Mayor Maetu Kgaile’s official vehicle was written off in December 2016.

Cllr Shaun Sesana says more than 18 months have gone by and the North West Provincial Public Accounts Committee (PPAC) and Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) have done little to give feedback on the incident.

The official vehicle, a Mercedes Benz E-Class, was involved in an accident just outside Westonaria and was so badly damaged that it was written off by the insurance company.

Upon the DA’s insistence, the PPAC and MPAC launched an enquiry into the incident after the mayor and her staff were not forthcoming about the reason for the errand to Gauteng, specifically why the mayor was not in the car and what caused the accident.

The DA is concerned that since the matter has been before the PPAC as in August 2017, there has been no real developments.

Lentswe reported then that Mayor Kgaile admitted before the PPAC that she lied when questioned by councillors about the real reason why the car went to Gauteng without her being in it.

“It was conceded that it was for a personal errand, which she was unwilling to disclose to the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) led inquiry. It was promised that she will be brought to task and the PPAC has condemned her failure to appear before PPAC,’’ says Cllr Sesana.

At a public participation meeting held in Klerksdorp in March, to discuss the 2016/17 Annual Report by the Auditor General, members of the public enquired about the outcomes of the probe into the accident.

However, no clear answers could be provided.

The Auditor General also found that there was a lack of proper control measures in place to determine the use of the mayoral vehicle.
 “The City of Matlosana has since received a qualified audit opinion from the AG, which cited among other failures, poor governance and leadership challenges.

“It also remains unclear why the MPAC has not yet tabled its findings to the council on the matter since there was no clear directive from the PPAC to abort the inquiry,’’ the councillor added.

Kgaile has received a new vehicle, which cost the already ailing municipality about R500 000 after she failed in her bid to secure a BMW worth almost R1 million.