Stop abuse of health workers

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Lentswe, Klerksdorp - The Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital Complex has 58 specialists in service after experiencing a shortage of staff.

The department is also advertising clinical and administrative posts to fill vacancies.

According to Nico Masiu, spokesperson, the staff has signed a commitment as part of their service charter and promised to be polite and remain calm at all times with patients queries.

“Patients’ files have been singled out as one of the challenges of long waiting times, as a result the management has put contingency measure to avoid patients waiting too long for files.

“In the long run we have planned to separate active files from non-active files (files of patients that have not been visiting the hospital for the past 5 years) it is advisable for patients to come to the hospital for services which starts at 07:00 each day.’’

The Klerksdorp/Tshepong (KT) hospital complex said they had implemented the National Health Amendment Act of 2013, due to the increased number of recent abuse of health workers from patients who forgot that everyone has the right to a fair treatment.

Masiu said this simply means the public and patients’ needs to treat health care workers, security, nurses, doctors and front line staff with respect and in the same way they would like to be treated at their workplaces.

According to section 19 of Act no 12 of 2013: The public has the duty to treat health care workers with respect.

“We believe that respect goes with dignity and understanding because once you approach a care provider in a respectful manner you are able to receive the help you need as well as to build mutual understanding.

“Should you feel that you are unfairly treated, a patient has the duty to sign a discharge form for Refusal of Hospital Treatment if you refuse to accept or take the prescribed treatment. It is very important to always listen to your health workers because they are qualified enough and highly experienced to know what is good and what is bad for your health,” Masiu said.

Section 20 declares that every citizen has a right to fair treatment. A health care provider may refuse to treat a patient who is physically or verbally abusive or who sexually harasses him or her, if any form of abuse takes place, the hospital management has no option but to take serious action by immediately informing health authorities, depending on the nature of the complaint, the matter can even be taken up with the police.