Men can get breast cancer

Written by Lentswe. Posted in Community

Lentswe, Klerksdorp - A 55-years-old male cancer survivor shared his battle with breast cancer to the public and wished to advise people that early cancer detection can save lives.

Men always thought that breast cancer is only a female illness, but he said he now knows that men also get breast cancer.  

Dakie Seleko is from Ext 28 in Huhudi near Vryburg.

He said: “Around 2004 and 2005, a funny discharge from my right breast started coming out periodically and that’s when I consulted our family doctor. I then developed an unexplained allergy.

“In 2006 I went to Huhudi clinic where they suspected breast cancer and referred me to Klerksdorp/Tshepong hospital complex where a biopsy (tissue sample to determine the actual diagnosis) was done.”

Seleko said the result proved that he had cancer: “I was immediately referred to Baragwanath Hospital in Gauteng where another biopsy was done and the breast cancer was diagnosed.

“I had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy of the right side of my breast and then in August 2011, the mastectomy of the left breast was also done.”

Seleko said another operation was performed at Joe Morolong Hospital in Vryburg to remove the lump under the right axilla. He said he attended radiation therapy in 2018 for six weeks at Klerksdorp Hospital and was completely cleared.

His advice: “To all men and women, please take responsibility for your health. At least go for a medical check-up once or twice a year at the nearest clinic or your private doctor. Do monthly self-breast examination continuously. Cancer is always invisible and can spread and kill you quickly. So early detection can save lives.      

“I would like to thank Klerksdorp/Tshepong hospital complex Oncology and radiation for their support. I am now alive, can drive my car or do anything like any other person as I am cleared. I even forget about the breast operation scars, that I once had breast cancer. I am so thankful and happy to be given a second chance by God Almighty.”