‘Pay back our money’ - says angry family

Written by Lentswe. Posted in Community

Lentswe, Klerksdorp - A fa-mily who wanted to honour their late father by marking his resting place with a tombstone, are angry because they have to keep on postponing the tombstone reveal because of empty promises by a local businessman.

The family used Cheap Tombstones in Klerksdorp. Given Mogweemang gave them a quotation of R11 600 on 31 October 2018.

The family spokesperson Matshepo Thusi (33) said they paid the money which included transport to Hammanskraal where the tombstone was going to be erected.

Matshepo said Mogweemang later demanded another amount of R1 800 which they also paid. Lentswe is in possession of the quotation and proof of payments.

Matshepo said they were supposed to erect his late father’s (Lesiba Thusi (66)) tombstone in November.

“When we checked him at that time, he said the tombstone was supposed to be transported from his colleagues in Brits as it is not that far from Hammanskraal. He later told us that the firm in Brits was closed for the holidays and will re-open in January.
“We were angry, but had to wait and instead he was just telling us lies, even in January he also failed to deliver until today. What we want from him is our money,” Matshepo said.

Matshepo said this has caused some confusion in her family as some of them thought that she used the money for her own things. “We then had to make another arrangement so that we can get a tombstone and honour our late father.

January we bought another tombstone and erected it. This cost us a lot, so please help us to get our money back, because Given is untrustworthy,” she said angrily.

Cheap Tombstones owner, Mogweemang said: “I ordered the tombstone in December at Brits and then suddenly when I checked them around 15th December they were closed for holidays.

“And when I arrived in January, I found a new management and they told me that the former owner, an Italian, sold the business to them. They then told me that they increased the prices.”

Mogweemang said the Italian vanished with the money. He said he is trying to get money and pay Thusi’s family what is owed to them.