Clinic “sees” to eye problems

Written by Lentswe. Posted in Community

Lentswe, Klerksdorp – The Klerksdorp/Tshepong Hospital Complex’s Eye Clinic recently held a “blitz” programme to see to eye problems.

This is the first time since lockdown that the clinic is in operation again. “This blitz provided the clinic with the perfect opportunity to operate on patients, as the clinic already had about 327 patients on a waiting list,” said Nico Masiu, spokesperson.

On Saturday 17 April, the clinic managed to operate on 15 patients, and on Sunday they operated on 14 patients. One of those patients who was operated on was John Tokwini from Maphoitsile in Taung who was happy and pleased.

“I have been on the waiting list since October 2020. Finally I have my full eye sight back,” he said.

He is looking forward to spending time with his family.

“I slept in the hospital on Friday but now all I want is to go back home. I would love to thank all the staff who made sure that my operation went well. Words fail me to express my happiness and sincere gratitude.”

According to Head of the Department, Dr Caroline Chiwara, they ma-naged to see and operated on 29 patients.

“We have a very long list of patients waiting to be operated on. Most of our patients have cataract problems that need to be dealt with as soon as possible, but lockdown and Covid 19 stopped us from operating,” said Chiwara.

She outlined that before lockdown happened her department used to book a patient a week to three weeks and then operate but now it’s difficult and there is a backlog which will have to be dealt with.

“The only effective treatment for cataracts is surgical removal. Cataract surgery should be considered when having difficulty seeing well enough to do the things you enjoy, such as reading and driving. Cataract surgery is usually performed as a day case procedure under local anaesthesia. During the operation, the cloudy lens, cataract is replaced with an artificial lens inside your eye,” concluded Chiwara.