Covid-19 is still there

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Motswaka Waka by Mohanoe Khiba

Covid-19 is still there and it is still killing our families, relatives and our children.

But what is so amazing is that through the changes of lockdown regulations levels, people celebrate to such an extent that it’s like there’s no more coronavirus.

Looking at the level 2 announce-ment by Mzansi’s President Cyril Ramaphosa recently, which include the lifting of the ban of tobacco and also alcohol, it’s like Christmas Day for some people.

We all understand that during the ban of alcohol and tobacco, many people lost their jobs, and we were also wishing to see them back at work.

Just before the announcement of level 2, we also saw the statistics of Covid-19 going down.

Drinking alcohol, while still driving will definitely cause accidents, drinking alcohol and also smoking together in a group will increase the numbers of covid-19 again.

Is it necessary for us to have parties and celebrate the lifting of the banned alcohol and tobacco?

On Tuesday 19 August in the North West, Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s number was 6 568 with recoveries of 3 408 and deaths of 117.

Matlosana with 4 289 and 2 358 recoveries, JB Marks 1 943 (910 recoveries) and Maquassi Hills with 336 (140 recoveries).

Let’s wish for more recoveries.

MEC Madoda Sambatha conveyed his sincere condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thanked health care workers who treated the deceased.

And this was after Tuesday 18 August’s report that show that a total of 151 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours.

Regrettably, the department announced 20 covid-19 related deaths, which took the number of deaths in the province to a total of 214.

We also wish to see a number of police and soldiers patrolling around as their visibility will stop group parties around.

Kedi tswaka bjana!!!