Parents must send their kids back to school

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Tshabadira Motsemme, Khuma - Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the President’s declaration of a national lockdown, schools were presented as a precarious place to be as part of large gatherings for learners.

It was until a few months passed that South African residents became less afraid of this virus. Children living in informal settlements like in the locations and villages started playing outside with no precautionary measures taken by the elderly to keep them safe from obtaining the virus.

A huge debate has been taking place among parents when learners or pupils are asked to return to school.

They suggest that their children are going to be contaminated, but the truth is that these children catch this virus from playing or being allowed outside their homes to play with others who may have been contaminated on the streets.

Just 10 out of 100 children stay indoors. Most are even gathering outside to play football at the stadium.

So I plead with parents to let their kids go back to school because they are safer there than in the streets.