Is the administrator coming to Matlosana?

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With the financial crisis surrounding Matlosana Local Municipality, does it mean that there will soon be no executive positions and that an administrator will be appointed to manage and oversee the day-to-day running of the municipality?

‘Kene ke botsa feela?’- I’m just asking the MMC for Finance- Farouk Tagaree, Municipal Manager- bro Roger Nkhumise and the community?

I mean we all know about the debts of Eskom, Midvaal and other creditors. And living without water and electricity, it is indeed a crisis.
With the recent letter to the Acting Mayor Ntate Tagaree from the department of Finance MEC Mme Motlalepule Rosho that the Provincial Treasury will be conduc-ting an assessment of the financial state of the municipality in order to determine causes and factors of the financial crisis, it really shows that the situation is serious.

And more about this is that the Provincial Treasury is committed to implementing its strategy in the effort to support municipalities to resolve financial problems.

We also don’t have to forget that it is stated that the assessment is critical as it will enable the Provincial Treasury to develop appropriate measures which will directly respond to and address the identified financial crisis.

But more importantly is the advice that if the municipality encounters financial problems or anticipates problems in meeting its financial commitments, it must seek a solution for such problems, including notifying MECs for Finance and Local Government as well as SALGA (local government).

So let’s wait and see and wish for good news.

But my wish again is that those who had put this municipality into this situation, let law enforcement take its role.

Let the business of the The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation known as Hawks in other places or municipalities avail itself.
The same municipality was given a time frame to adopt that special budget of an amount of R71m for the date of 30 September, but failed and only did so after deadline.

Now the municipality is requested and encouraged to accept the strategic support measures by committing itself to accept through a council re-solution that it is aware of and agrees to the Provincial Treasury conducting an assessment of the financial state of the municipality.

And finally the Mayor must ensure that a copy of council resolution re-ferred to the above is submitted to the Provincial Treasury on or before 30 November.

The big question is, will they meet the deadline?

We are also aware of the notice of oversight visit by the Premier Ntate Job Mokgoro and members of the Rapid Response Team (MECs) on Thursday 5 November.

A Sesotho proverb says: “Moiketsi ha a llelwe’ meaning, ‘He who rejects advice deserves no sympathy’.

Kedi tswaka bjana!!!