Murder at Emmanuel Centre

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Lentswe, Jouberton -There was happiness and smiles on the faces of everyone at Emmanuel Disabled and Old Age Centre based in Jouberton when they received blankets from a Good Samaritan during the weekend.

But on Tuesday 11 June that changed for the worst when two of the patients at the Centre fought and one ended up dead and the other one in jail.

The fight was between two men who are disabled and mentally ill and are cared for at the centre.

According to founder, Martha Magabe (63), she was out of the centre when she received a call to say there’s a fight at the centre.

“I heard that the victim was searching the suspect, but what we all know is that how the victim also plays with others by so doing. Most of us are used to it that he plays like that.

“And unfortunately that’s where the argument started between the suspect and the victim,” she said.

Magabe said she heard that the victim, Buwang Mokopanele (50) was seated when the suspect came along with a spade and hacked him several times in a neck.

“You know what, a few days ago we were happy and celebrated the donation of blankets, but I now know that Satan don’t like good things as Satan changed everything now.

“We are so saddened and still traumatised about the incident, but what can I do because they were both my children,” Martha said sobbing on Wednesday in her centre.

According to one of the workers at the centre, the victim was declared dead on the scene by paramedics.

Mokopanele arrived at the centre in 2017 from Soweto, and his killer arrived on 3 June.

Lentswe was told that the suspect’s family did not disclose that their son is violent, they just said it on Tuesday when they arrived and also that he almost stabbed one of their family members before coming to the centre.

The centre’s founder said she’s so glad that the two families of the victim and the suspect met on Tuesday evening and talked.
Patients at the centre are from as far as Lesotho, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Rustenburg, Taung and local places.