Crime a huge concern

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Lentswe, Klerksdorp - It looks like SAPS’ crime prevention strategies in townships have paid off with Jouberton, Kanana and Khuma experiencing a much lower crime rate than previous years.

Jouberton recorded its lowest murder rate in a decade with 31 murders in 2018/19, a decline of 18,4% from the previous year. This township was also once known as the rape capital of South Africa, and this year they reported a decline of 4,5%, with 170 rape cases for the year (also the lowest it has been in 10 years).

While contact crimes in Kanana show a decline of 17,1%, this township has the highest murder rate recorded the past decade. Robberies at home and businesses as well as burglaries are less than previous years. Khuma’s murder rate has gone down and is the lowest it has been in 10 years but assault and aggravated robbery have shown an increase. Klerksdorp’s crime rate is worrying, showing an alarming rise of 16,3% in contact crimes with 64 more aggravated robbery cases than the previous year.

Cases of attempted murder have risen with 88,5% and assault and common robbery are also higher than previous years. House robberies are the highest it has been in ten years. Burglaries have also increased (7,5%) but it is still not as high as it was a few years ago before neighbourhood watch teams started patrolling suburbs.

Crime has spiraled out of control in Orkney with a 27,8% rise in contact crimes in this town. The town has the highest murder rate in ten years, and shows an alarming increase in sexual offences. Burglaries at home are also much higher.

Contact crimes in Stilfontein have risen with 17,1% with murder and sexual offences showing huge increases. Rape cases for 2018/19 are the highest it has been in a decade. Property related crimes with burglaries at home and businesses have also increased.

In Hartbeesfontein, contact crimes have risen with 7,1% with an alarming rise of 71% in common assault cases reported in this town. House robberies have increased an eye-opening 550%.

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