Anti-gangsterism dialogue for the community

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Lentswe, Kanana - The community of Kanana was engaged in an Anti-Gangsterism Dialogue on Thursday 26 September. 

The provincial Department of Safety and Transport Management together with City of Matlosana presented the event where Lerato Ramagaga and George Maseko were the hosts.

The objective of the dialogue was to bring the community of Kanana together with relevant stakeholders to communicate issues that lead to gangsterism in the community.

And also to find ways to eliminate it by educating parents and children on the dangers of gangsterism. 

Since Kanana is known for gangsterism, the community were granted an opportunity to voice their concerns about it.

Most of them raised concerns such as lack of unemployment, children not going to school, children being on drugs and poverty amongst them. 

Stakeholders advised parents to take care of the ‘boy child’ and find mentors for them for the families to unite. 

According to the stakeholders, gangsterism should be taken seriously.

“The blame game should be left and the problem should be faced head on. People are advised to report crime whenever they see it happening to the police and to never lose hope,” Ramagaga said.

Other stakeholders who were present include SAPS, Department of Education, Kgorogo Social Investments, The People’s Voice, Department of Social Development, SANPARK and Faith Based Organisation.