Shallow grave reveals brother’s body

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Lentswe, Khuma – A 26-year-old man was arrested on Monday 7 October in connection with the murder of his teenage brother who disappeared end of August.

Mojalefa Mathushe (13) was reported missing by his brother early in September. He was last seen with his brother and he disappeared without a trace.

According to the Klerksdorp Cluster police spokesperson Sgt Amogelang Mabihi, the police questioned the missing boy’s mother and she said that her elder son told her that his brother went missing after he was attacked and robbed.

“However, his statements were contradictory which led to the intervention of the Khuma Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Patricia Selehelo who accompanied the investigating team to Ikageng a few days after an enquiry was opened to fetch the brother for further questioning.

“She (Selehelo) and the team conducted an intensive interrogation on the brother who kept giving misleading and contradicting information on the whereabouts of his brother stating he was at Ext 8, but the visit to the house drew a blank as the child was not found there,” Sgt Mabihi said.

Eventually the brother confessed and said he will show the detectives where he buried his brother.

“He led the police to Buffelsfontein 10 shaft where he pointed out a shallow grave covered with big stones where the boy was buried.”