Robbery at school

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Lentswe, Khuma - The police are investigating a business robbery after a primary school was robbed of an undisclosed amount of cash, laptops, tablets and others valuables.

The school and the police are appealing to readers to help trace the suspects who are still at large.

The incident occurred at Hata Butle Primary School in Khuma on Thursday 7 June during the night.

According to the principal, Christa Muller, they learned from the security guard that five men entered the school yard and took the keys from him.

“They pointed a firearm at him, took the gate and one classroom’s keys from him. They tied him up with wire in one of the classes.

“These men then broke into the office of the admin staff, deputy principal and also at the Maths laboratory.

They stole a big computer hard-drive, cash from the safe, 7 laptops, 12 tablets, a camera, a projector and other things,” Muller said.

The principal together with the deputy, Phemelo Sekgetho said the kitchen staff realised there was a problem the following morning when they arrived for work and found the gates locked and the security guard screaming for help inside.
According to Muller, the security guard said the men were wearing balaclavas.

“The security is still traumatised and not attending work, so some of the parents are now helping to guard the school after we had a meeting with the parents and SGB.

“We really have a challenge, because we lost important information, but we will rely on our hard copies and will also ask the department to send us back the information that we sent to them,” Muller said. She and her deputy, Sekgetho are now using their personal laptops. North West police spokesperson, Col Adele Myburgh confirmed that they are investigating business robbery, but no one has been arrested.

Myburgh said two people were taken for questioning, but were later released.

Lentswe learned that one of those people is the school’s groundsman.

Another school, Thuto Tsebo High from Kanana was also robbed of 25 tablets on Monday 11 June.

The provincial police spokesperson, Capt Afjee Botma said the suspects gained entrance by damaging the lock. No one was arrested.