Gangsters terrorise nurses

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Lentswe, Kanana - The community Health Care (CHC) and the clinic staff are terrorised by the gangsters and the Zama Zamas.

The situation is happening in Kanana’s Grace Mokgomo’s CHC and also at the mine-based RB Nzima Clinic.

This was said during the surprise visit of the North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha on Monday afternoon 11 March around 14:45.

In Kanana, patients who said they have been queueing since 04:00 and 06:00 were still found in the queues and complained to the MEC.

Some said they woke up early to be in front at the queues, but they are also afraid to be attacked by the gangsters.

Lentswe learned that the number of gang groups in Kanana doubled from last year’s 20 plus to 49 this year.

“Predominately, I was checking the level of service delivery, but also my interest was the safety and the security of our nurses. The situation of gangsters in Kanana is going up.

“Now since these gangsters are living in this community, they are now terrorising our staff at the clinics, particularly Grace Mokgomo, because it operates 24 hours,” the MEC said.

MEC Sambatha said he will mobilise the community to help the clinic staff, but also send the security director to do all assessments.

RB Nzima Clinic have a shortage of personnel, printers, computers and phones, but MEC said he will organise those equipment before the end of the month.

“Mines have shifted their responsibility to the clinics to do checks for each employee and they are not paying, instead the government is the one that is paying,” he said.

Sambatha said even though they are not going to send anybody away, the mines must take responsibility.