IRR survey reveals voter dissatisfaction

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Lentswe, Klerksdorp - The ANC national government has a negative net satisfaction score among all voters on all of six core issues - Economic Growth, Crime; Education; Healthcare; Corruption; and Land Reform - but is rated as the party best placed to deliver on five of them, the exception being fighting corruption, which a majority of voters believe the EFF would be best at.

These are among the banner headline findings in the second tranche of results from the IRR’s February poll.

Overall, Black voters give negative net satisfaction scores to the ANC government on Economic Growth (-48%); Crime (-31%); Corruption (-33%) and Land Reform (-7%), and marginal positive net satisfaction scores on Education (+5%) and Healthcare (+3%).

Among ANC voters, 51% are “very unsatisfied” with the national government’s performance on fighting corruption - but 47% of them also believe the ANC, rather than the DA or EFF, is best at fighting corruption.

These and other findings about service delivery are contained in a new edition of the Criterion Report, which you can find at on the report section.

The first set focus on how satisfied or dissatisfied voters are with the ANC national government’s performance on six core issues (Economic Growth, Crime, Education, Healthcare, Corruption and Land Reform).

The second set focus on which of the big three political parties - the ANC, DA and EFF - voters believe is best placed to deliver on a set of similar core issues (Economic Growth, Crime, Education, Healthcare, Corruption and Basic Services).

The report contains summary tables of the two sets of questions, as well as each individual question on which the summaries are built.

The poll was in the field between 12 and 26 February. The sample was fully demographically representative and comprised only registered voters. A total of 1,611 respondents were questioned.

Supplementing this were two fully demographically representative sub-samples for Gauteng (sample size: 502 registered voters) and the Western Cape (sample size: 405 registered voters). The poll was conducted telephonically.

The IRR will undertake a full political survey every quarter. The next such full quarterly survey will be conducted in April.