Executive Mayors raise concerns

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Lentswe, Orkney - Executive Mayors of Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipa-lity Nikiwe Num and City of Matlosana James Ntsolela have advanced their concerns over the rising number of Gender Based Violence and Femicide cases reported in communities within the District.

Both Mayors point fingers at the degenerating societal morals which have encircled communities, particularly in rural areas, informal settlements and townships.

Speaking at the commemoration of the ‘16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children’ at the newly established residential area of Jakaranda in the City of Matlosana, Councillor Num said it was the responsibility of any parent to ensure that children avoid scenic experiences that lead to morals collapse.

“There are things that children should not see at any time in their growth development stages. I want to make a plea to young parents. Please protect your children’s life and mental state. Please stop exposing kids to bad habits and experiences that will later reflect as normal behaviour. You must remember that children identify with everything executed by their parents. When you fight or engage in explicit acts in their presence, they automatically become accustomed to such behaviour.

“You do not become a parent because you bore children. Being a parent is a gift. There are individuals within our communities that reflect good parenting even though they do not have children of their own.

“In Jakaranda, most live in shacks and it does not mean you are beneath other communities with proper amenities. We need to love ourselves by cleaning after ourselves. This is the most basic thing that will create social cohesion among residents,’’ Mayor Num said.

Councillor Ntsolela shared the same sentiment. “Our purpose here is to build you and there is no other way to do it except conforming to everything that the District Mayor Num and all other speakers have shared with you.

Men must take care and protect their families. A man who respects and loves himself would never abuse women and children.

“How is it that a supposed protector rapes a two-month old baby? One thing I find very upsetting is that the same man wakes up in the morning and places blame on substance and drug abuse.

If you know that you do immoral things after consuming drugs and alcohol, then it should be a sign that you should quit.

“Let us all build a society that is able avert embarrassment in the international community. Lately we are victims of foreign nationals. The truth is all these drugs are bought and imported by a close knit circle of foreign nationals. We encourage you to take care of each other by preaching unity in our neighbourhoods to ensure safe environments for our children.”

The GBV campaign was supported by the South African Police Service, South African Local Government Association and Old Mutual.
Residents, particularly women, were supplied with Whistles and Pepper Spray in an effort to encourage activism in the fight against women and children abuse.

These whistle will work as a community alarm system that brings the community together in one central spot in the case there is an emergency that require urgent attention.

Communities are also advised to form neighbourhood watch groups as well as those intended to build social cohesion whilst ensuring vandalism elimination of social amenities provided by government.