Hundreds enjoy parkrun season in Mahikeng

Goodwill parkrun is now 3 months old. This Saturday October 5 will see the 15th Goodwill parkrun starting at 7am due to the North West seasonal time for the summer duration from October to March. The attendance continues to average between 150-200 participants. The free event which starts at the Goodwill sports stadium in Shippard street and is run exclusively by volunteers are thoroughly enjoyable, run efficiently and the health benefits are self - evident.  The back track of the parkrun  is an open area  and illegal dumping continues. The Goodwill parkrun commitee would like to applaud and graciously thank the numerous residents who selflessly volunteer the cleaning of the outside track before the Saturday parkrun. Please read Martin Woodbridge’s full article ‘Returning parks to the community’ on the global parkrun website. (Photo taken by Patricia Des Neves at the Goodwill parkrun).