South Africa enters panic mode over COVID-19

Despite wide spread calls from several leaders in the country including by President  Cyril Ramaphosa for South Africans not to panic due to the deadly Coronavirus, the country went into a worrisome panic mode with the citizenry literally running in all directions in preparation for the worst from the COVID-19 pandemic.


By now, South Africans have realised that indeed there was a possibility that the majority of the population could within a few months be infected by the dreaded Coronavirus.

North West government must help to rebuild the country’s economy

South Africa slipped into a technical recession this week as our economy took a second hard knock against global economies since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office in 2018. The performance of our economy which is mostly reliant on job creation and the strength of local state owned entities (SOEs)  have during recent months dipped to very worrisome  unprecedented levels.

Shake-off the monkey on your backs, ANC

Widespread  allegations about the involvement of the African National Congress in gross looting of public funds from various government institutions, SOEs  and structures all over South Africa  has during recent times increased to frightening levels in the public space.
Public   debate about this  deplorable scourge which has unfortunately caused irreparable harm to the country’s economy  - but remains untested in many cases  -  has also  placed the ANC at  the centre of these allegations which seem to be  seen as an  accepted norm and way of life by  different factions within the ruling party.