Supra’s turnaround strategy works for him

When he addressed guests at several SOPA gatherings and other events dominated by his comrades, former North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo declared that after leaving the provincial administration and his term as chairperson of the ANC’s provincial executive committee, (PEC), he would opt out of the leadership position of the movement and rather drive a political education programme for the liberation movement. He would serve the ANC in that position, he vowed,
As a dedicated leader of the ANC, the straight-talking Mahumapelo strongly criticized disgruntled members who at every chance take the ANC to court to challenge leadership decisions legally. Mahumapelo warned such members that the ANC would take tough and decisive action against any member who fights their battles in court.

It therefore came as a total surprise to many who know Mahumapelo’s stand when it comes to court battle against the ANC. His sudden turn around did not make sense at first. His comrades did not understand why Mahumapelo decided to turn against his own principle of never taking his beloved movement to court. Was he that angry?
However, the PEC chairperson believed in his heart of hearts that his PEC was being treated unfairly. He argued that the NEC leadership was wrong in deciding to terminate the existence of the PEC. As an experienced member of the movement who was in good standing, Mahumapelo decided to take on his own movement and in the process, appoint the experience of popular EFF leader and lawyer, Dali Mpofu much against his own better judgment. But because he wanted to prove that the NEC had acted irrationally, he was forced to employ a member of the opposition party in Mpofu. So Mahumapelo and four of his close associates went to court to have the NEC decision overturned, and alas, the judge found that indeed the NEC’s action was procedurally unfair and breached the party’s own constitution and was in violation of Mahumapelo’s constitutional rights. Mahumapelo and the PEC had since been reinstated and the provincial task team appointed earlier was to be disbanded and the former to take office within two days.
The party’s leadership decided to call the two sides to a meeting. The PEC and PTT were ordered to work together for the sake of unity. We believe that’s the right way to go if that unity would hold especially as South Africa is fast approaching the general elections in less than four months.