Xenophobia again under attack in South Africa

“Foreign nationals are here to stay and there is nothing South Africans can do about it”.
What do South Africans who have been and continue to be opposed to the ongoing uncontrolled and illegal influx into their country by foreign nationals say to such arrogant remarks?

The remark received wide-spread criticism from South Africans who remain angry with the South African government for allowing thousands of foreign nationals easy passage into the country.
It was made by a Nigerian foreign national who was part of a panel on a SABC 1 channel documentary on Tuesday night discussing the ongoing attacks on foreign nationals whose businesses were vandalized in Kwazulu-Natal and Limpopo and received widespread condemnation across the country.
The actions which included looting of businesses belonging to the thousands of foreigners who have now found refuge in the country were highly criticized by both South Africans and officials from foreign countries. Foreign minister, Lindiwe Sisulu met representatives from these countries to discuss the attacks described as nothing else but xenophobic attacks against their people by South Africans.
This time around, various leaders in the country spoke out against these attacks especially happening in black townships and informal settlements where foreign nationals run small businesses. Many argued these that the Xenophobic attacks were uncalled for and were not allowed by international laws and human rights structures world-wide.
They argued that South Africans living abroad and in many foreign states on the continent were treated differently by those countries.
Millions more of local communities have openly expressed their opposition to the illegal entry into the country by these foreigners whose presence in the country “has only escalated the problems South Africans face daily including increasing unemployment, escalating economic difficulties, poor education as well as lack of housing”.
But is appears that those South Africans who have objected to the presence of foreigners “crowding us in our country” will undoubtedly have it very difficult to get rid of “these people”.
It appears from the latest “protection” foreigners are receiving from both local and international organizations that South Africans will just have to bite the bullet and live with the allegations that “foreigners have increased the crime rate in the country, including been involved in illegal abortions and various criminal activity. They have an continue to increase SA’s escalating expenditure on health issues, need for provision of housing, water, electricity and many other service provision challenges which are already a big challenge in the county.