South Africa must act on gun control measures

While developed countries including the USA , Britain and Germany are battling to find ways to effect gun control policies in their administrations, South Africa regarded as one of the most violent countries in the world has no option but to follow suit.
It is crucial for world countries to deal decisively with the increasing illegal weapons in the communities if the world has to succeed in winning the battle against crime, they must win the fight against easy access to firearms.

The situation in hardly different in South Africa and we call on politicians to voice their opposition towards uncontrolled use of guns. Politicians must play an active role in urging government to speed up the need for gun control policies in the country.
South Africa cannot only be about fighting corruption and other irregularities within our communities. The fight against other social ills such as the circulation of illegal weapons, increased crime stats and others must also receive the attention of all politicians. Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Police, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, has decried the worrying trend of the escalating murder rate in the country due to the easy access to guns especially among groups in gangs.
Joemat-Petterson’s outcry followed last weekend’s Philippi murders of 13 people which she said was symptomatic of a complex socio-economic problem that requires an urgent and multifaceted approach.
Her committee said from a policing point of view, the Minister and the senior management of the South African Police Service (SAPS) must move with speed to implement the promises that were made by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) of increasing visibility of police officers on the streets, especially in crime hot spot areas.
“While the committee is cognisant of the funding challenges facing all government departments, SAPS must move with speed to implement SONA promise made by the President and which will be the first pillar in the war against crime,” said Joemat-Pettersson.
“Furthermore, SAPS must strengthen the strategies intended to fight the proliferation of illegal guns. The removal of the tools such as illegal fire-arms that are used in committing these crimes will go a long way in dealing with this problem murders.
While we confirm that the fight against crime requires a broader approach that must include dealing with unemployment, poverty and the scourge of substance abuse, we also argue that all South Africans must be aware that this challenge is not purely a policing matter, but one that calls for active participation of all South Africans to fight crime.