Increased efforts against fraud and corruption must be welcomed

It is heartening that several government institutions and structures are taking an active role in the fight against fraud and corruption in state institutions including in government departments.
South Africa has recently seen increased contribution from various platforms from where diverse sectors of the communities in public spaces continue to add their voices against incidents of wrong doings including fraud and corruption. We remain concerned that despite ongoing calls from all worried people, for corruption and fraud and other wrong doings to end, people in all positions in various government administrations continue to involve themselves in self enrichments practices.

As part of this all inclusive approach in the fight against fraud and corruption, the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration (PSA) has also welcomed the stance of Minister of Public Service and Administration, Senzo Mchunu announced against fraud and corruption which has become two of the biggest destroyers of the South African economy and its growth.
We are also worried that the local economy will always have it difficult to compete against major markets around the world if we don’t do something on time about these ills which continue to cripple our economic development aspirations as a nation.
Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on PSA, Tyotyo James said the committee echoed the sentiment and stand of Minister Mchunu and will support him in efforts to root out fraud and corruption in the public sector.
“If you tremble at corruption, then you are my comrade,” emphasised Minister Mchunu adding that “in supporting the budget vote, we support the fight against corruption.”       
 We are pleased that the committee had vowed to support the department in its fight against corruption.
It is also encouraging that all political parties and their leaders have and continue to add their voices against corruption and fraud. We believe it is only when all South Africans unite against these ills that we can hope to win the battle and improve our economic stand in the world.